Maleri af Daniel O'Rourke

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Foto af kunstneren Daniel John O'Rourke

My name is Daniel John O’Rourke.
I'm an artist living and working on the Danish island of Bornholm.

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Customer experiences

Lene står ved siden af 'The tower at Hammershus' af kunstner Daniel O'Rourke
Lene purchased 'The Tower at Hammershus''
"We are so happy to own this beautiful painting. We chose the painting in Daniel's studio/home - it was a really personal experience and we felt so welcome. There were MANY more paintings we would have liked to have had."
Lene Andersen
Lene Andersen
Bornholm, Denmark
Sunset oil painting by Daniel O'Rourke
Heather commissioned this painting of a sunset
"I comissioned a painting in memory of my mother. I saw one of Daniel's paintings and immediately fell in love with it but unfortunately, someone else fell in love with it first so I was delighted when Daniel agreed to do a commission piece.

I absolutely love it. Daniel worked quickly, communication was excellent and the finished product is stunning. Despite posting to the other side of the world, it arrived very quickly and was wrapped with extraordinary care. Can highly recommend."
Heather Potter
Victoria, Australia
Jan Ole Andersen ved siden af maleriet 'Wave Saltuna' af Daniel O'Rourke
Jan Ole purchased 'Wave Saltuna''
"The painting 'spoke' to me when I saw it. The waves were like when I lived on the coast in Saltuna, Bornholm: so lifelike. At the time, I didn't realise Daniel had painted this scene in Saltuna. All I knew was that I had to own this picture. Daniel has captured the violent force of the sea with his paintbrush: the path of destiny is inscrutable"
Jan Ole står ved siden af maleriet 'Wave Saltuna' af kunstneren Daniel O'Rourke
Jan Ole Andersen
Bornholm, Denmark
The sun sets on the churchyard at Olsker roundchurch
Cliff purchased 'Sunset at the churchyard'
"I stumbled onto a piece by Daniel O’Rourke online. I was captivated by the depth, the color, and the emotion. Daniel is not only a great artist - he was easy to work with for the purchase and shipping. I’m looking forward to having this up in my home"
Portrait photograph of J. Cliff Ganus
J. Cliff Ganus
Minnesota, USA
Maleri af månen bag Lilletårn på Frederiksø af Daniel O'Rourke
Jim purchased 'Moonrise over Frederiksø' and two other works
"My mother kept a small painting of one of the four Bornholm round churches on the wall at home. When I saw a small painting of Østerlars by artist Daniel O’Rourke, who resides on Bornholm, I went about acquiring it and two others for my family to enjoy.

It reconnects me to the island where my grandfather was born and spent his early years. Daniel took great care in the shipping to New England for me."
A photo of Jim Holman
Jim Holman
New England, USA